August, The Month of New Activities

This month are some new projects:

Me, Rita, Marta B. and Noémi are working on a Cinema outdoors in Donetsk!
The idea is too provide people the opportunity to enjoy a movie night away from walls, being in direct contact with the nature under the stars. The idea is too present movies with some historical background.
At this moment we are working on the place where this activity will take place and soon we’ll come back with more news as dates, exact place and movies!

As a Alliance group, we are all working on a event to celebrate the 15th Birthday of our organization. Read the rest of this entry


Weeks of Change

This last weeks have been very interesting. In starting of July I attended an Economical SummerCamp in Svetagarorsk, which lasted for 5 days. During this period we had to make a presentation about our own countries and we performed many and diferent activities including lectures, nature walks, an excursion to Svetagorsk monastery and lots of interesting parties!

Regarding Alliance, we started to work for the birthday that will happen in September. At the same time, I started research on other projects. I went to Lugank to talk with the head of a planning related NGO ( ), and I inteed to participate in a conference about the topic of public access to Planning that will happen next week. I also plan to stay in Lviv for two weeks researching for a local institute in September. Read the rest of this entry

School 3 Played Theatre in Europe Day

Hi everyone

We showed our performance in Europe day. It was really exciting. They had fun. I hope they will continue to interest about theater. I will visit them  when school will be open. I talked with teacher. She has an idea about English speaking club on Skype after EVS. I think it is really good idea for me and for children. I will miss them after EVS. Read the rest of this entry

3 More Months and Off We Go

ImageIt seams unreal how 4 months had already past. The time is flying by and we already passed the middle mark of our service.
Now that the summer is here Donetsk looks like a new city… so much prettier. The fountains are working, there are flowers everywhere, people are showing more skin and smiling more, the streets are now more busy with people that are no longer hiding inside from the cold and it’s now really pleasant to spend the hole night by the river side with friends and see the sun rising at 4am. Read the rest of this entry

Back to the School!

ImageThese past weeks have been very busy with projects, starting with school nº2 and the SummerCamp. This past month of June, me and Noemi were with children (13 years old), doing activities and games with them in English, two days a week. This has been a very valuable experience and we feel that we have learned alot during the process. Read the rest of this entry

DSCN4504In the morning Ozgur, me and the consul went on the tour in the dolphin pool area, where the so-called grassy field event took place, the local Tatar organizations. This was organized to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the organization. On-site, we met with different people, we could hear the music of Tartar, which at times descended from Turkish music. There was a theater show horse, which, despite raindrops, showed the performance, during which we saw beautifully dressed girls dancing ballet on horseback, oriental dancing, and jumping through a burning barrier. There were various teams, including the Polish children in national costumes that set the Tatar community, Polish songs, and a small show. We also managed to squeeze in delicious food. It was rice with mutton, very delicious, prepared in such special vessels that serve the Tatar community on such occasions. Read the rest of this entry

Polish Class in School

???????????????????????????????In one of the schools in Donetsk, I started working with children teaching them the Polish language, as well as preparing them for the contest named Konopnicka in Poland. The kids are very eager and very willing to learn and go to the competition. For me it is quite a new experience, I have never prepared kids who do not speak and do not read well in Polish. But we managed to get to the concept of writing words using Russian letters (transliteration. For each new lesson learned letters, words, numbers. We played a game to learn the numbers, the kids really liked it. Read the rest of this entry

Welcome Polish Cinema

wirtualna wojnaDonetsk recently had an event titled VIII Days of Polish Cinema in Ukraine. It was a cultural project from the Polish Institute in Kyiv, so that many Ukrainian cities throughout the week showed movies that were interesting and characteristic of contemporary Polish cinema. This year’s Days of Polish Cinema was held in six cities of Ukraine – Kiev, Vinnitsa, Simferopol, Odessa, Donetsk and Kharkov. Where are presented seven films, and in some cities only six of the best Polish films in the last two years with various genre and stylistic palette. Read the rest of this entry

Let´s Start!

This past few weeks have been very positive for my projects. Two weeks ago, me and Max started the running Project. We usually run in Wedsneday and Sunday, 5km and 10km respectively near the Kalmius river or Scherbakova park. The main goal is to create an english speaking running club, which has a unique identity compared to others running clubs in Donetsk. It also serve as plataforma to help people start running. In this sense we already had the company of some local people, but we inteed to have much more! Read the rest of this entry

Theatre Debaltsevo Going to Play


Hi everyone, we are so close to show our performance. i hope everyone will have a fun. Specialy children. We have 7 short schetch. Two of them Turkish langueage, four of them Russian language and one of them English language. Probably it’s 45 minute. So we are inviting everybody. Who want to watch our performance show, they are wellcome. We will gad to see you.

You can watch our workshop here.

Read the rest of this entry