Think Theatre – Francesca Leonardi

“From the start it has been the theatre’s business to entertain people ..

it needs not other passport than fun” Bertolt Brecht


Learning with Heart – Irina Mitkova

“In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can

imagine.” Kalp Badolf Ederson

hakanVideo Documentary about – Hakan Surgulu

All the EVS projects will be recorded during 7 months

and a documentary will be prepared.

theater-curtain copy (1)Theater Club – Umut Akbay

Theater is a way of expressing yourself. By using your role, you can handle

the situation by how you would have handled it

basket_basketball_Basketball Club – Omer Can Buharali

To improve English knowledge among target children.

Promote human rights, multiculturalism.

symbol-40754_640Bike Festival – Manuel Marras, Miguel Olieveira

The aim is to promote the usage of bikes in Donbass region.

Create an interactive map showing 6 different bike paths in Donbass Region

devolping copyDeveloping Bridges – Gabriel Pinto

General Pre-conceived ideas that Ukrainians have against

Europeans Countries

Screen_Shot_2012-02-16_at_10.51.15Research Study about Entrepreneurship

for the Civic Council of Donetsk Oblast Administration

Miguel Oliveira

russian-flag2Russian Speaking Club – Francesca Leonardi

Francesca has organized a weekly club that brings

Russian speakers and Russian learners together for interesting discussions

ingiltereEnglish Language Club – Marta Cunha and Gabriel Pinto

Help the next generation to be more tolerant throw awareness

Studets from 14 to 17 years old

5Polish Language Lessons – Weronika Masaj

The initial group of about 12 people coming who want to learn Polish

and pass an examination to receive a Polish Charter.



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