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DSCN4504In the morning Ozgur, me and the consul went on the tour in the dolphin pool area, where the so-called grassy field event took place, the local Tatar organizations. This was organized to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the organization. On-site, we met with different people, we could hear the music of Tartar, which at times descended from Turkish music. There was a theater show horse, which, despite raindrops, showed the performance, during which we saw beautifully dressed girls dancing ballet on horseback, oriental dancing, and jumping through a burning barrier. There were various teams, including the Polish children in national costumes that set the Tatar community, Polish songs, and a small show. We also managed to squeeze in delicious food. It was rice with mutton, very delicious, prepared in such special vessels that serve the Tatar community on such occasions. Read the rest of this entry


Polish Class in School

???????????????????????????????In one of the schools in Donetsk, I started working with children teaching them the Polish language, as well as preparing them for the contest named Konopnicka in Poland. The kids are very eager and very willing to learn and go to the competition. For me it is quite a new experience, I have never prepared kids who do not speak and do not read well in Polish. But we managed to get to the concept of writing words using Russian letters (transliteration. For each new lesson learned letters, words, numbers. We played a game to learn the numbers, the kids really liked it. Read the rest of this entry

Welcome Polish Cinema

wirtualna wojnaDonetsk recently had an event titled VIII Days of Polish Cinema in Ukraine. It was a cultural project from the Polish Institute in Kyiv, so that many Ukrainian cities throughout the week showed movies that were interesting and characteristic of contemporary Polish cinema. This year’s Days of Polish Cinema was held in six cities of Ukraine – Kiev, Vinnitsa, Simferopol, Odessa, Donetsk and Kharkov. Where are presented seven films, and in some cities only six of the best Polish films in the last two years with various genre and stylistic palette. Read the rest of this entry

Next Meeting in House of the Sun


Today we  visited the house of the sun again, along with volunteers from the group NICE.UA and ACTYVE.UA. A group of  ten people went with me mumbling all the way, it was very hot. Of course, each person is going to see the foundation of the site and possibly think about making workshops there. And so in the heat of midday a cramped, crowded trolleybus went there to see what life is like in this house.

Since my last stay, little has changed, on the yard a wheelchair appeared , toys lay in the sand, and the workers were trying to work and make as little noise as the children slept upstairs in the hotel. We walked all over  the entire cluster to the center, where, according to my instructions everyone had to bring shoes to change. Unfortunately  not all of them, they did so as the children ran, or rather walked around the building. Very funny.

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House of the Sun

Today, in the afternoon we had an appointment in the House of the Sun, where a very nice girl showed us around the building and told the story of the house and the organization.

By entering the territory of the house, we felt like there lived a normal family, which now has fixed their building – laying tile around the house. The sandbox was full of a variety of toys that kids forgot to collect? Before entering, we passed a white and black truck and a child and mother on a walk. This was our first glance. Our guide asked us to come see how it is inside.  We had just walked in and we found the need to change shoes. As in a real home, where full of kids, you have to be careful to make sure everything was clean. Finding shoes for us to change into, we started visiting the house that previously was the place where they lived and now is used as the home of people who are in the margins of society, often their main occupation was taking drugs. Read the rest of this entry

Day of Remembrance for Victims of Katyn Massacre


On Friday we celebrated the Independence Day of Remembrance for Victims of Katyn Massacre at the cemetery in Kharkov.

Cemetery Victims of Totalitarianism in Kharkov is a military cemetery in Kharkov, in the region of Kiev, the Piatichatki, built in 1999-2000. There rests  4,302 officers of the Polish Army and Polish civilians murdered by the NKVD in 1940, and about 2,000 Soviet Ukrainians, Russians and Jews murdered by the NKVD in the years 1937-1938.

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Comfortable as an old shoe.

Why am I going to the Ukrainian speaking club when I cannot speak a word of Ukrainian? The reason was the topic of the day: theatre, plus friends who wanted to drag me there and my usual “letshavealook” attitude, that has granted me many unexpected and pleasant opportunities as well as many lame ones.

As I got in to the library I was asked to take my shoes off and to leave them in the entrance hall. I couldn’t get the reason and thought it was just the way they do it, or maybe to keep the place clean… whatever, let’s take my old shoes off. As we sit down in circle, naked-feet, in the next room we were asked to go back to the “shoe-rack room” and get a random pair. Once this step was done, all of us would guess the owner by carefully looking at the shoes and describing them to the audience, paying attention to all that they could communicate about their owner, about their story. We had only two chances and once the owner was guessed he/she would trade places and find out the next owner.

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Catholic Easter in Donetsk


This week was full of many memories. This is the last week preceding Easter. And so on Sunday we celebrated the Feast of the Resurrection. According to tradition, there is a lot to celebrate this day. Prepare the eggs and baskets of food to give out. In Poland, in my family for a period of Lent, we prepare Easter eggs made ​​in different techniques and just paint them in different colours and patterns. We then scratch them a bit, wrap them , do some sort of decoupage with them  and are embroidered with  Easter egg themes, decorated with needlework crochet, tatting, lace, and according to what a person comes up and prefers. We do the decorations from scratch. And so it may be basket with a white napkin in the middle of the rabbit, chicken and eggs. It can also be a very large egg, in which we put inside a small chick, Easter egg and grass.

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Polski jest łatwy

d0b2d0b5d180d0bed0bdd0b8d0bad0b0My name is Weronika Masaj. I am a volunteer from Poland. I came to Ukraine to Donetsk for 8 months with EVS.

When I arrived for the first month while we were in training, we got to know the city, we learned how to write projects, got to know the local organizations and chose the ones with whom we wanted to work. And so I happened to choose a Polish organization, named the Association of Poles Donetsk, where they needed a teacher of Polish language. And so my project will be teaching Polish to local citizens. I teach three groups. The initial group of about 12 people coming who want to learn Polish and pass an examination to receive a Polish Charter. But that is not all. I also teach people who are fascinated by the Polish language and want to learn the Polish how to speak. I teach two levels, introduction and advanced.

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