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School 3 Played Theatre in Europe Day

Hi everyone

We showed our performance in Europe day. It was really exciting. They had fun. I hope they will continue to interest about theater. I will visit them  when school will be open. I talked with teacher. She has an idea about English speaking club on Skype after EVS. I think it is really good idea for me and for children. I will miss them after EVS. Read the rest of this entry


Theatre Debaltsevo Going to Play


Hi everyone, we are so close to show our performance. i hope everyone will have a fun. Specialy children. We have 7 short schetch. Two of them Turkish langueage, four of them Russian language and one of them English language. Probably it’s 45 minute. So we are inviting everybody. Who want to watch our performance show, they are wellcome. We will gad to see you.

You can watch our workshop here.

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Theatre in Debalcevo

I’m Umut from İstanbul. I’m feeling very good because Donetsk and Alliance are realy cool.
We’re studying twice  a week at Alliance. And the teacher is very succesful with Russian language.
Alliance has some useful activities for people. We’re learning some important information about health and life in general and the other volunteeraare very interesting and useful people. Everyone has some skills  and when I talk with them my English improves.
We have confortable flat and everythink is ok at the moment except for the cold weather, you can imagine just a bit 🙂
We are waiting for Summer for some  outdoor activities and everyday we are getting better about  the language and improving our skills.
Ukrainian culture is really different,I can say it’s almost  the opposite than Turkish culture, but certainly it’s so early to talk about this.
This is just my first thoughts. And I started my project about theatre, this project with Turkish and Ukrainian children. They
are realy fun  and they are interested in theatre. We will show theatre, when school will be finished. We will use Turkish and Russian