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wirtualna wojnaDonetsk recently had an event titled VIII Days of Polish Cinema in Ukraine. It was a cultural project from the Polish Institute in Kyiv, so that many Ukrainian cities throughout the week showed movies that were interesting and characteristic of contemporary Polish cinema. This year’s Days of Polish Cinema was held in six cities of Ukraine – Kiev, Vinnitsa, Simferopol, Odessa, Donetsk and Kharkov. Where are presented seven films, and in some cities only six of the best Polish films in the last two years with various genre and stylistic palette.

The whole program started our Consul General in Donetsk Mr. James Wołąsiewicz, who, as usual, appears to us say Cuba. The Polish Consul General recently opened in Donetsk. At the start of speeches Mr. Consul greeted all organizations and officially invited everyone to the movies. And above all, tell us about your favorite movie, or “Four Tank and the Hound”, of course, every child in Poland and Ukraine saw the movie. Me too, and it even was the subject of one of our lessons. Not to mention that the consul’s favorite director Kieslowski.

Now briefly about the films. The first film is “My Bike” directed by Peter Trzaskalski of 2012, the premiere was seen in that year. This is the story of a grandfather, father and son, who are living in different parts of Europe, and meet after many years to find their missing grandmother. This task was an opportunity for intergenerational reconciliation.

The next film is “The Mole” directed by Rafal Lewandowski in 2011, tells the story of a secret informant SB, and a member of the “Solidarity” movement, whose code name was “The Mole”, and the vicissitudes of his family.

“Imagine” video directed Andrzeja Jakimowskiego, international production and unfortunately for us in English, in 2012. The movie tells the story of the blind, who came to the center for the blind in Lisbon, and that by using controversial methods of teaching young patients arts orientation in space.

“Love Stories” film by Jerzy Stuhr, in 1997. Four men – played by the same actor – is called in to audition for a mysterious office. The officer asks them questions about their private life. After leaving office shall be subject to all four consecutively test: whether they can remain faithful to those who love them. Very entertaining and funny.

“Shameless” Filip Marczewski film of 2012. Talking about the history of forbidden love between a brother and sister. Tzadok, after returning to his hometown discovers that Anka involved with a married man. Very interesting movie, although as they say not for children.

“In Darkness” film Polish-German-Canadian war drama from 2011, directed by Agnieszka Holland. The film is an adaptation of the novel Fri “In the Sewers of Lvov” by Robert Marshall and follows the memoirs of one of the characters in the film, Krystyna Chiger, described in the book “The Girl in the Green Sweater”.

At the end of Days of Polish Cinema film shown to us “virtual war” directed by Jack Bławut. Heroes of the film come from four countries: the United States, Poland, Germany and Russia. They talk about who they are, explain why they are interested in the Second World War. For some of them it is only a hobby, for others the content of life, which is given more time, giving the compounds or meeting with friends. Together with colleagues from the virtual squadron takes training to meet regularly organized rallies and hate your enemies – pilots from other countries or squadrons.

And so ended a week of Polish cinema in Ukraine. We look forward eagerly to the next action Polish or Polish organization.

bez wstydu historie-milosne imagine Kret B1 regular mój rower w ciemności


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