3 More Months and Off We Go

ImageIt seams unreal how 4 months had already past. The time is flying by and we already passed the middle mark of our service.
Now that the summer is here Donetsk looks like a new city… so much prettier. The fountains are working, there are flowers everywhere, people are showing more skin and smiling more, the streets are now more busy with people that are no longer hiding inside from the cold and it’s now really pleasant to spend the hole night by the river side with friends and see the sun rising at 4am.
But not everything is roses, now with the hot weather the trips on public transportation got even more unbearable as you see yourself exchanging sweat with people you wish you never had to do it.
It was also time to say goodbye to some volunteers from another project in town which makes us think how funny life can be, how someone that you share your daily life can suddenly become the long distance friend that you don’t know when and if you are seeing again. It also makes us think about our own departure, how fast it is approaching…

On a professional matter, many projects that took place in schools are now in stand by until the begging of the school year in September, so are now some new projects and people are getting more involved in office work as well as the planning the celebration of Alliance’s B’Day in August.



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We are group of 11 EVS volunteers

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