Let´s Start!

This past few weeks have been very positive for my projects. Two weeks ago, me and Max started the running Project. We usually run in Wedsneday and Sunday, 5km and 10km respectively near the Kalmius river or Scherbakova park. The main goal is to create an english speaking running club, which has a unique identity compared to others running clubs in Donetsk. It also serve as plataforma to help people start running. In this sense we already had the company of some local people, but we inteed to have much more!
Another project of mine, is practising sport in “House of Sun” (house of orphans moms). I usualy go here Monday, and the goal is to make sport with the mothers, which can include running as weel as other activies such as physical exercicies.
About the future next week me and Noemi will start an english club in a local school, namely “Summer Camp”, which will include talking about different topics as weel as sport activities. This will happen during the month of June, on Tuesday and Thursday.
I also want to make a Project in my field area, something that I have been starting to search recently and I hope to have more news in a closer future.


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We are group of 11 EVS volunteers

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