Volunteer Profile

SAMSUNG Francesca Leonardi
27 years old
Campobasso, ItalyField of interest: Politics, Theatre, Environment, Human Rights, Music

Project name: Think Theatre!

Project description: Teaching (free thought) through theatre (and teaching English, at the same time)

Contact info: francesca_leonardi@hotmail.it

Manuel Marras
31 years oldCagliari, Italy

Project name:  Italian Language – Critical mass – Bike Fest

Contact info:


Марта Marta Cunha
23 years old
Santa Cruz, PortugalFields of interest: Social Work

Project name: English Club / Exchange Youth Program / Fundraising Team

Project description: Organize 10 classes, for 15 students, once a week, for 45 minutes at a time, in Gorlovka School, from March to May to promote Human Rights

Contact info: 00380 505 768 371

Miguel Miguel Oliveira
25 years old
Lisbon, PortugalField of interests: Sport, Geography, Travel

First Project: Research Study about Entrepreneurship for the Civic council of Donetsk oblast administration

Research work (Benchmarking), with the aim of helping the Regional Administration to have better and more supportive policies towards Entrepreneurship in Ukraine. Research National Policies and Financing mechanism of other countries (still to define) at different levels (national, regional, local)

Second Project: Creation a new NGO which aims to improve conditions for the use of bicycles as a means of transport in Donetsk. This association will have the the goal of engage the civil society, and have a horizontal structure. The main goal is to contribute to a criation of a long term sustainable plataform for urban cycling.

Contact info:



Габриэль Gabriel Pinto
26 years old
Viseu, Portugal

Fields of interest: Marketing, Social Media


Project: Developing bridges

Вероника Weronika Masaj
23 years oldHumniska, Poland

Field of interests: hand made crafts, education

Project name: Polish language teaching

Project description: activities for the three groups performed twice a week for 1.5 hours

Contact info: weronika.masaj@gmail.com


Ирина Миткова Irina Mitkova
27 years oldVarna, Bulgaria

Field of interest: Art, Human Rights

Project name: Learning with heart/ Youth in Action

Project Description: Organizing 4 workshops and 8 practical classes for 15 students from Donetsk region, in order to promote alternative education through arts

Contact info: mmetaphora@gmail.com

Tel.: 00380 505 767 599

Хакан Hakan Surgulu
26 years old
Antalia, Turkey

Fields of interest: Cinema

Project: EVS Video – videotape all EVS projects and make shorts movies about them

Умут  Umut AKBAY
27 years oldİstanbul, TURKEY

Fields of interest: Theatre, Basketball, Turkish language club, Chess with Turkish and Russian children

Contact me: umutakbay.evs@gmail.com


Омар Ömer Can Buharalı
26 years oldTurkey, Manisa

Field of interests: Basketball– Foreign Languages

Project description: To arrange 20 basketball trainings from March till May in Gorlivka school № 53

Contact info: omercann7@hotmail.com 0505767355


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