Polish Class in School

???????????????????????????????In one of the schools in Donetsk, I started working with children teaching them the Polish language, as well as preparing them for the contest named Konopnicka in Poland. The kids are very eager and very willing to learn and go to the competition. For me it is quite a new experience, I have never prepared kids who do not speak and do not read well in Polish. But we managed to get to the concept of writing words using Russian letters (transliteration. For each new lesson learned letters, words, numbers. We played a game to learn the numbers, the kids really liked it.

This school for a long time been teaching Polish language. By the President of the Polish Society of Donetsk was able to conduct classes in the school. The classes have 16 kids, most of whom have some Polish roots.

This school is Donetsk High School number 71, which was founded before World War II, and probably looks the same as it did then.

In the near future we will organize activities for kids going into Polish for the contest.



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