DSCN4504In the morning Ozgur, me and the consul went on the tour in the dolphin pool area, where the so-called grassy field event took place, the local Tatar organizations. This was organized to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the organization. On-site, we met with different people, we could hear the music of Tartar, which at times descended from Turkish music. There was a theater show horse, which, despite raindrops, showed the performance, during which we saw beautifully dressed girls dancing ballet on horseback, oriental dancing, and jumping through a burning barrier. There were various teams, including the Polish children in national costumes that set the Tatar community, Polish songs, and a small show. We also managed to squeeze in delicious food. It was rice with mutton, very delicious, prepared in such special vessels that serve the Tatar community on such occasions.

Of course the Polish consul spoike to the audience and congratulated the association for long-service activities and gave a small Polish souvenir gift.

During the entire event, you could see different people in different costumes and not just Tartar. There was a lot of color. I think it was one of the best days spent in Ukraine.


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