August, The Month of New Activities

This month are some new projects:

Me, Rita, Marta B. and Noémi are working on a Cinema outdoors in Donetsk!
The idea is too provide people the opportunity to enjoy a movie night away from walls, being in direct contact with the nature under the stars. The idea is too present movies with some historical background.
At this moment we are working on the place where this activity will take place and soon we’ll come back with more news as dates, exact place and movies!

As a Alliance group, we are all working on a event to celebrate the 15th Birthday of our organization.
We are planning a day of outdoors activities for our partners, donors and target groups. The idea is to show on a practical way our main tool of education: NON-FORMAL!
We are working as a group to create a fun afternoon in our city and for this a lot has to be done: we have all volunteers developing activities as a treasure hunt, International Cooking Workshop and a fair among others. Our PR Team is responsible for the invitations, the advertisement and the space among other details that need to be care.
Soon we’ll post more news about this event so you can show up and celebrate with us!

At the same time we have Irina responsible for a Community Garden. She is working on this garden to create a safe and relax space for our people of Donetsk go and relax as develop some activities. Right now, Irina and some other volunteers are working on gathering tools to work on this garden and soon the hard work will start!

Soon, we hope to give you more info about all our new activities so we can count on you to join us (:

Marta Cunha


About actyveua

We are group of 11 EVS volunteers

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