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3 More Months and Off We Go

ImageIt seams unreal how 4 months had already past. The time is flying by and we already passed the middle mark of our service.
Now that the summer is here Donetsk looks like a new city… so much prettier. The fountains are working, there are flowers everywhere, people are showing more skin and smiling more, the streets are now more busy with people that are no longer hiding inside from the cold and it’s now really pleasant to spend the hole night by the river side with friends and see the sun rising at 4am. Read the rest of this entry


PR Team

Alliance has now a PR team lead by Irina Lavrik and the volunteers Victoria, Anna, Gabriel, Hazar, Irina, Remzi and myself.

Our role is to develop Alliance’s webpages so more people can have access to what’s going on in our organization.

I am personally responsible, with Hazar, for the English version of Facebook and we’re still working on the information that’s going to be posted.

Stay tune and you will see the difference also here, in our Blog!

Happy Times in Sviatohirsk

ImageWho said that working on a school in Gorlovka wouldn’t be fun don’t know what they’re talking about… Two weeks ago I got a cal from Karina (Project Coordinator) asking me if I wanna to go with my students to Sviatohirsk for a day! I don’t even need to mention which my answer was right?

So last week at 8.15am I met Hakan, Gabriel and the new French volunteer Max and we caught a taxi to Gorlovka and from there we went with the students and some teachers on a really good marshrutka (just kidding, it was obviously from Sovietic times) and I find out that we, Portuguese people, sometimes complain about our roads because we haven’t been in Ukraine yet.

We got to Sviatohirsk and we made a small and fast pic nic where we had right to try some Ukrainian home made food and it was so delicious that Gabriel was still trying to eat more when the teachers were already putting the food away.

With our batteries recharge we finally went to the Monesterium. Read the rest of this entry

Childlike Wildlife


As a volunteer here in Donetsk I’ve decided to work with one of the school who asked for our collaboration. Me and Gabriel organize a English Speaking Club in Gorlovka Language School nr 1. So far we’re working with a group of 12 students, their ages go from 14 to 16 and they are the coolest kids we could ask for.
We always try to make the lessons dynamics so the kids won’t get bored and we can all have some fun! This week, based on Francesca’s idea for the Russian Speaking Club, we asked them to tell us where they imagine themselves in 10 years from now. Me and Gabriel started by giving our examples and the kids followed. It was curious to see that some of them have the ambition of going abroad to study, I’ve heard a lot of times people telling me that Ukrainians don’t have the ambition of going abroad, and I’m happy to believe based on my small sample that this is changing. The common point on basically all of them is that in 10 years from now they want to… yes, that’s right, be married! Read the rest of this entry