From International to Infra-generational Russian Speaking Club

«Let’s talk about some article of the week we found interesting», I suggested as a topic for this Sunday’s Russian speaking club. But actually, I have to say that it’s impossible to stick to an issue, the conversation goes free and smooth and in the end, we practically avoid to correct our “homework”. It’s such an anarchic club, this one! The atmosphere gets more and more friendly and I am glad to see that new people come and have a look, even though only for one time or a couple of times.

Today a newcomer suggested we play some games. We wrote names of famous people on some strips of paper and we placed them in the center of the table. Divided in pairs, one had to pick a strip and talk (in Russian) about the character while the other had to guess. The amount of time available was STRICTLY checked and in the end, who got the more strips won. We had a lot of fun and laughed at our staggering Russian. At least for me, I felt I could speak more spontaneously. I have to admit that this way of socializing (basically, playing) works far way better than any (by me proposed) “article-impression-experience-holiday-celebration” storytelling.

Let’s play more and study less, this will be my motto!

The icing on the cake was the meeting, soon after the club, while getting out of the library still laughing at our performances, with an elderly woman. She came up to us and asked where we are from and about our life in Donetsk, in general. After a 5-minute conversation we got a new guest, real teacher, no less! Ms. Elena, has been a Math teacher in a high school all her life, and now attends the library to learn how to use a computer and to learn English, that is, to keep herself busy. With a big, warm smile and a happy, enthusiastic expression of curiosity on her face she overwhelmed us with questions until she closed her questioning with a sweet, unexpected “How can I help you?”. Nothing easier, Ms. Elena: just join our club!

She seemed really excited at the idea and promised she will. I cannot wait to know more about her life! Considering my everlasting  REPULSION (repulsion is an euphemism) for Mathematics, I have a feeling that she will be the first Math teacher I will like… and who knows, maybe for the first time in my life I will be able to understand Math. In Russian.


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