Catholic Easter in Donetsk


This week was full of many memories. This is the last week preceding Easter. And so on Sunday we celebrated the Feast of the Resurrection. According to tradition, there is a lot to celebrate this day. Prepare the eggs and baskets of food to give out. In Poland, in my family for a period of Lent, we prepare Easter eggs made ​​in different techniques and just paint them in different colours and patterns. We then scratch them a bit, wrap them , do some sort of decoupage with them  and are embroidered with  Easter egg themes, decorated with needlework crochet, tatting, lace, and according to what a person comes up and prefers. We do the decorations from scratch. And so it may be basket with a white napkin in the middle of the rabbit, chicken and eggs. It can also be a very large egg, in which we put inside a small chick, Easter egg and grass.

And how passed here Easter time? Quite different than in Poland. Here is the Christmas period, as in Poland, time off work. From Saturday to Sunday, we changed the time. And about 6 in the morning, which went very early in the Solemn Mass at the church. At the very beginning there was a procession with the Blessed Sacrament around the church three times. The girls were scattered flower petals – quite different than in Poland. And after the Holy Mass there was some food. It was  very funny. Everyone came out of the church with their baskets and all sorts of things. And so came the towels spreading out some types of  sausages (here in Poland is just a piece), huge buns called “paschami”, and many different things. It was different for me the quantities here, as in Poland, just a little – symbolically.

For Easter breakfast, we were invited from a priest. It was quite funny. Father Richard was very tired, and we all tried not to fall asleep. I think it was the most crazy holidays which I spent in my entire life.


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