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Happy Times in Sviatohirsk

ImageWho said that working on a school in Gorlovka wouldn’t be fun don’t know what they’re talking about… Two weeks ago I got a cal from Karina (Project Coordinator) asking me if I wanna to go with my students to Sviatohirsk for a day! I don’t even need to mention which my answer was right?

So last week at 8.15am I met Hakan, Gabriel and the new French volunteer Max and we caught a taxi to Gorlovka and from there we went with the students and some teachers on a really good marshrutka (just kidding, it was obviously from Sovietic times) and I find out that we, Portuguese people, sometimes complain about our roads because we haven’t been in Ukraine yet.

We got to Sviatohirsk and we made a small and fast pic nic where we had right to try some Ukrainian home made food and it was so delicious that Gabriel was still trying to eat more when the teachers were already putting the food away.

With our batteries recharge we finally went to the Monesterium. Read the rest of this entry