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My Activities İn Donetsk

Hello! My name is Hakan Surgulu.  I’m from Turkey. I am a volunteer at center Alliance Donetsk. Donetsk city activities Different activities are organized in Donetsk . I’m trying to participate in this event.

I have attended several activities so far: Art (IZOLYATSIA) : Soviet-era art factory converted into a factory. Concert( Zapaska ): Consisting of two members of this group have a different style of music and a nice. Basketball mach ( Donetsk PC ): Enthusiastic supporter of a strong basketball team. İce hockey (Donbass Hockey Club ): The first went to an ice hockey game. A fun game Football (Shakhtar Donetsk ): I watched a successful football team, champions league match. Shakhtar Donetsk – Borussia Dortmund. Funny football game.