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Hello everyone! My name is Omercan Buharalı. I have been doing my EVS for two months in Donetsk, Ukraine. My hosting organization is Center Alliance, Donetsk.
We are twelve volunteers here from five different countries and everyone runs his/her own project. I already have two projects and I started to work one of them two weeks ago.
My project is to organize basketball training for ten students twice a week from March until at the end of may at Gorlovka school number 53.

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Polski jest łatwy

d0b2d0b5d180d0bed0bdd0b8d0bad0b0My name is Weronika Masaj. I am a volunteer from Poland. I came to Ukraine to Donetsk for 8 months with EVS.

When I arrived for the first month while we were in training, we got to know the city, we learned how to write projects, got to know the local organizations and chose the ones with whom we wanted to work. And so I happened to choose a Polish organization, named the Association of Poles Donetsk, where they needed a teacher of Polish language. And so my project will be teaching Polish to local citizens. I teach three groups. The initial group of about 12 people coming who want to learn Polish and pass an examination to receive a Polish Charter. But that is not all. I also teach people who are fascinated by the Polish language and want to learn the Polish how to speak. I teach two levels, introduction and advanced.

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