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Last week Alliance gave us the opportunity to take part in SALTO training: 3 days of workshops about EVS. The workshop was held in a school in Donetsk, not far from our office.

Since it was held during the weekend none of us (the “old” volunteers) were excited to attend the event, thinking we already knew everything about EVS. But, despite our mood, it was a real unexpected success and it was a good occasion to get to know the new volunteers who joined our project. Let’s also add that the good weather helped us to be least for the first day. We were ready to welcome the spring.. but we would have discovered soon that the weather had cheated us!

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Education in Alliance


During our first two months of our volunteer experience at Alliance, we had the opportunity to receive many and interesting trainings related to different topics from management to health.

On the first month we got acquainted with the country´s culture (including how to deal with the natural cultural shock) as well as some formation related how to create and manage a successful business/project. In this regard, the classes provided by Dawn Talbert, about Marketing and Public Relations, were very important components.

During the posterior weeks we got more knowledge on how to manage a successful communication, with the help of Alona Karavai. With this, we learned the importance of different tools of communications (such as energizers, games or theatre) and which one is more appropriate to use according to the goal (debate models, conferences, workshops etc). For instance we learned the importance of connecting on different levels with the audience, such as the mental, physical or emotional.

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