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My Activities İn Donetsk

Hello! My name is Hakan Surgulu.  I’m from Turkey. I am a volunteer at center Alliance Donetsk. Donetsk city activities Different activities are organized in Donetsk . I’m trying to participate in this event.

I have attended several activities so far: Art (IZOLYATSIA) : Soviet-era art factory converted into a factory. Concert( Zapaska ): Consisting of two members of this group have a different style of music and a nice. Basketball mach ( Donetsk PC ): Enthusiastic supporter of a strong basketball team. İce hockey (Donbass Hockey Club ): The first went to an ice hockey game. A fun game Football (Shakhtar Donetsk ): I watched a successful football team, champions league match. Shakhtar Donetsk – Borussia Dortmund. Funny football game.




Hello everyone! My name is Omercan Buharalı. I have been doing my EVS for two months in Donetsk, Ukraine. My hosting organization is Center Alliance, Donetsk.
We are twelve volunteers here from five different countries and everyone runs his/her own project. I already have two projects and I started to work one of them two weeks ago.
My project is to organize basketball training for ten students twice a week from March until at the end of may at Gorlovka school number 53.

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