Next Meeting in House of the Sun


Today we  visited the house of the sun again, along with volunteers from the group NICE.UA and ACTYVE.UA. A group of  ten people went with me mumbling all the way, it was very hot. Of course, each person is going to see the foundation of the site and possibly think about making workshops there. And so in the heat of midday a cramped, crowded trolleybus went there to see what life is like in this house.

Since my last stay, little has changed, on the yard a wheelchair appeared , toys lay in the sand, and the workers were trying to work and make as little noise as the children slept upstairs in the hotel. We walked all over  the entire cluster to the center, where, according to my instructions everyone had to bring shoes to change. Unfortunately  not all of them, they did so as the children ran, or rather walked around the building. Very funny.

Recently we  visited the kitchen where in this time cleaning was being made, room for persons engaged in social work, in which the materials were left to one person and in the room upstairs where every little room  were sleeping one or two tiny children. We had to keep very quiet as to not wake the tiny children.

Everyone had the opportunity to ask a question even though a  translator was very imperfect. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves in this organization and there in the near future, we will do some projects there.


About actyveua

We are group of 11 EVS volunteers

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