House of the Sun

Today, in the afternoon we had an appointment in the House of the Sun, where a very nice girl showed us around the building and told the story of the house and the organization.

By entering the territory of the house, we felt like there lived a normal family, which now has fixed their building – laying tile around the house. The sandbox was full of a variety of toys that kids forgot to collect? Before entering, we passed a white and black truck and a child and mother on a walk. This was our first glance. Our guide asked us to come see how it is inside.  We had just walked in and we found the need to change shoes. As in a real home, where full of kids, you have to be careful to make sure everything was clean. Finding shoes for us to change into, we started visiting the house that previously was the place where they lived and now is used as the home of people who are in the margins of society, often their main occupation was taking drugs. A man from the Netherlands bought the house and founded in the time of the local, his girlfriend Tatiana as a house for girls in difficult situations, or that have children. The whole organization is one in which the girls can give birth and start raising children, and think about their future. Often they have no support in the family. We started visiting the main lobby where it seemed so empty, where there were only two washing machines, and little kids running around. Then we went to the kitchen, which was typical for Ukrainian standards, but for modern times, it was small for so many people. It very badly equipped. But you have to be happy with what everyone has, and they do what they can. Then we visited a small room with shelves to hold things for the kids, as well as a workplace psychologists whose job it is staying in places like dormitories, but not like in Poland, where the young people attending school, these are our so-called Polish orphanages where the kids are simply staying.

Then we went upstairs to see the living quarters. I saw a long corridor, where one could arrange something. On the right side were rooms with mats, suitable for games and activities, as well as sports. We then visited three rooms where the girls are living together with their children, and it was full of girl things and a television. There, at the top, along with our guide we were wondering how we can help these girls as part of our project. We are so full of optimism and plans to have completed a visit to this place.


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