Right now that is my 3rd month in Ukraine. After 1 month training I started to implement my individual projects. One of them is to conduct a Turkish class at Center Alliance Office fro the people who is eager to learn my language. Actually I think it is more than learning a foreign language. I got the opportunity to introduce my culture and it can be very useful to break some stereotypes about each others. That’s why it seemed to me as a great idea. I started my lessons with 5 students last month. I believe that it was fun for every participant because I didn’t bound the grammer rules and just focused on the daily language. So my students learned some useful phrases and frankly I got so much fun
At the beginning it seemed to me to easy to teach my native language to foreigners but my students were so hardworker and they always studied and researched some Turkish staff and always forced me to make more lessons. It also encouraged me to run these lessons more regularly. Right now, I always feel that I have to prepared very well for the next lesson and how to be more useful for them. And it is pretty good to see them speaking with their funny Turkish accent. But it was an excellent experience for me because I have never done this kind of a staff before. So I am really looking forward to see how further they go on Turkish…..


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