Welcome to Donetsk!

My staying in Donetsk has been very pleasant and interesting. During my almost 3 months I had opportunity to know a new country – Ukraine, a country that was not very known for me. Here at Allliance I had the opportunity to receive many usefful trainings and also to provide a trainings about corruption for the NICE group.

Regarding my projects, I have three projects at the moment: to creat a speaking club at a local school, a a monthy bicycle event “Critical Mass” and to creat a social running club.

The englsih speaking club is going to be held at a local school during May and June, and will be directed to children between 13 and 18.The montlhy bicycle event Critical Mass has the aim of promoting bycycle on daily use, without any special sport clothes.  The ultimate goal is to create a group of people who are willing to defend and lobby for the interest of cyclists in Donetsk city. On the other hand, the aim of the social running club is to create a group for local runners and also for people who want to start to run, but don´t have support to do it.

IMG_1870 IMG_1911 IMG_2064 IMG_2103 IMG_2236 IMG_2264ry,

During my stay here, we also had opportunity to visit some interesting places, including the Artmeosvky winne where he saw an immense network of tunnels with winnes and experimented degustation.

I also would like to add one curiosity about my flat, the color! The color of my flat is pink flat with roses. Living in such place, is definitely, an unique experience!

During the next couple of months I hope to fasten the implementation of  my projects, as weel as improve my russian.


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We are group of 11 EVS volunteers

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