Speak Italian: The Fine Art of the Gesture.

This was the opening of my first Italian class, which is the first step of my new project ITA.k! [ИТА.к!, which stands for Italian klass, but at the same time it’s a Russian word, it means “so, then, well”].
So, this week my Italian class got started. To be honest, before coming to Ukraine I didn’t want to teach Italian, or rather, I didn’t want to teach at all. In the last two months I tried to focus on other activities, like theatre, poetry, my still-too-shy Russian, politics. But my Italian temper and attitude, as well as my strong Italian accent, keep giving me a certain “feature” that people cannot help from noticing and underlining and that somehow fascinates them.. and makes them laugh, because of my being loud and messy, someway theatrical, with my hands moving all the time and shaping every single word I utter.

The interest and curiosity shown by people towards my language, my nation and my culture motivated me to give classes.. so Manuel and I thought to split the project into two parts: I will take care of the grammar and of the first attempt to speak, while Manuel will have his own Italian speaking club. I guess that in a while we’re going to have a small “Italy town” here in Donetsk!
I was surprised to see up to 15 people attending the first class, and I was glad to see they enjoyed it. Some of them told me, texted me and wrote me that “they had fun”, and that was the best comment and compliment I could get.




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We are group of 11 EVS volunteers

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