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As a volunteer here in Donetsk I’ve decided to work with one of the school who asked for our collaboration. Me and Gabriel organize a English Speaking Club in Gorlovka Language School nr 1. So far we’re working with a group of 12 students, their ages go from 14 to 16 and they are the coolest kids we could ask for.
We always try to make the lessons dynamics so the kids won’t get bored and we can all have some fun! This week, based on Francesca’s idea for the Russian Speaking Club, we asked them to tell us where they imagine themselves in 10 years from now. Me and Gabriel started by giving our examples and the kids followed. It was curious to see that some of them have the ambition of going abroad to study, I’ve heard a lot of times people telling me that Ukrainians don’t have the ambition of going abroad, and I’m happy to believe based on my small sample that this is changing. The common point on basically all of them is that in 10 years from now they want to… yes, that’s right, be married!

This week was also the first time that we had 90 minutes with the kids, opposite to the 45 minutes that we were having, because they asked for this, which show us that they’re enjoying our meetings and puts our egos a little bit up. So, let’s keep up with the good work!

*I know I probably shouldn’t refer to them as Kids, but I’ll just keep on doing it


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