Hello everyone! My name is Omercan Buharalı. I have been doing my EVS for two months in Donetsk, Ukraine. My hosting organization is Center Alliance, Donetsk.
We are twelve volunteers here from five different countries and everyone runs his/her own project. I already have two projects and I started to work one of them two weeks ago.
My project is to organize basketball training for ten students twice a week from March until at the end of may at Gorlovka school number 53.

I started the implementation of my project two weeks ago. My students ages range from fifteen to seventeen years old. It is a good and eager group consisting of ten teenagers.

At first,it was really hard for me to communicate with them because they have little knowledge at English and I am in the same situation about Russian. But it was a great experience for me to teach a group of people who can’t communicate with me at all.

Then I just learned the basic phrases of Russian like ” run”, “start” , “hold the ball”, “left”, “right”; etc…  And honestly my students made a really hard effort to  understand me. Frankly it was their attempt to communicate with me that striked me the most.
Right now, I run my class twice a week and I see that the number of students who attend my class is raising.
It is really unbelievable for me to see their happiness coming from their sparkling eyes during training.


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